Monday, September 8, 2014

What is WRONG with Reliv? Can be Deadly!

"Please, all you who have cancer or have had cancer or have especially a CHILD with cancer - run from RELIV as soon as you possibly can! Flee from this product!

Google "dangers of soy" and read up on the first website that pops up. Documentation is provided for the link between soy and breast cancer. Soy acts like an estrogen in the breast and greatly increases the risk of estrogen-sensitive breast cancer. (This is why menopausal women ceased taking estrogen - HRT - to treat hot flashes: its impact upon breast cancer risk.)

My 37yo. sister came down with estrogen-sensitive breast cancer. Her husband, a bio-medical researcher at UVA who earned his post-doc degree at Johns Hopkins Medical School, poured himself into researching how to fight and prevent breast cancer. He will not permit my sister to TOUCH soy! Only the fermented versions of soy, such as tempeh, are risk-free and only in small quantities.

Please, read up on "dangers of soy" for the sake of you and your loved ones, and recognize that Reliv despite all the hype may not be the best choice for you. Yes, good nutrition can accomplish miracles, and many of the anecdotes you read/hear may be true, but you can get your hands on great nutrition without turning to a soy-based supplement. And in the long run, you may run into life-threatening problems which come only after taking Reliv for many years. (It takes years for cancers to build.)"

Friday, July 25, 2014

New Milestone

We have cleared the 200,000 mark for pages viewed on this blog. Thank you everyone for making this so successful. I hope we have helped some people find the truth.