Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The following is from an email that I received from one of our readers. I strongly encourage ALL women using Reliv to read the following carefully and consider the danger that Reliv is putting them in.

"I have been in the health care profession for approximately 10 years. I
found that the Arthaffect was an very good product for arthritis and one of
my patients started buying it from me at whole sale cost. I never sold at
retail as I really wanted to help people out. My patient had more questions
than I could answer and so I sent her upline. My upline high pressured her
into becoming a master affiliate and even though I tried to convince my
patient not to make such an expensive investment my upline, who did not know
she was already buying wholesale, badgered her into purchasing 3,200 dollars
in product. The product worked on her arthritis but after a few months, my
patient found out that she had uterine and colon cancer. After surgery the
doctor told her she had estrogen dominant cancer and to stay away from soy
as it is high in phyto-estrogens. My upline was great taking my patient
over food and encouraging her while she was recuperating as well as telling
her that "Doctors don't know anything." and encouraged her to continue
taking Reliv Classic four times a day at double the dose. That is a lot of
Soy!!!!! I encouraged my patient to get off the soy, everytime I saw her
I would encourage her to get off the soy. My patient within two months of
the bowel surgery started to swell in her abdomen and have pain. I was
worried and told her to get off the Reliv and to go back to her doctor. She
went back to her doctor for her three month check up and found out that she
was full of omentum cancer. That is cancer of the fatty layer around the
stomach. Only three months before she had her uterus and bowel removed and
had no cancer in her stomach! Soy is high in phyto-estrogens.
Phyto-estrogens encourage and promote estrogen dominant cancer. My patient
was angry. She was given six months to live but lasted about 10. Her last
words to me was that she would love to sue Reliv and my upline but because
of her husband she would not say anything as her husband did not want her to
sign up and purchase so much product when she was already buying from me at
my cost. My upline is fortunate. The world has lost a beautiful woman. I
encourage all of you who are using Reliv to research soy and phyto-estrogens.
My upline told me that the world expert on soy is the man who is behind
Reliv! Does he have an ax to grind or what????? New Zealand did an
independent study on soy and has warned the people of New Zealand to eat
sparingly! This study was not done by the soy industry or any competitors!
I specialize in thermography which is using an infra-red camera to take
images of womens breasts. Over and over I see women who are estrogen
dominant in their breasts which promotes breast cancer. The camera doesn't
lie. If you insist on using Reliv I strongly encourage you to to see out
someone who has an infra-red camera to see if your breasts are healthy
before it is too late." - D.M - Washington State

For more info about Infrared Imaging / Breast Thermography please visit, http://www.breastthermography.com/


Anonymous said...

Reality Trumps Opinion in Reliv.

Jake Jacob said...

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Anonymous said...

I believe Reliv can be hazardous to your health. I have hypothyroidism and have had it for approximately 10 years and have been on Levoxyl to control it for approximately 10 years. I stupidly let a friend talk me into taking the product to help with my low energy. So August 5, 2008 I started taking Reliv Now, Innergize and Fiberestore. The stuff tastes absolutely awful. I took it for about a week and started noticing that after I took the product I would feel lightheaded and dizzy like my blood sugar was dropping, with hypothyroidism I do have spells of hypoglycemia at times. So I started paying attention to what I was eating and making sure I was not eating something to trigger my blood sugar. But my diet had not changed so could find no triggers. Then I noticed I had a headache. Thought it was sinus related took Ibuprofen and sinus medicine but would not touch the headache or relieve any symptoms. Also started noticing extreme nausea to the point that I did not want to eat or would have this nagging feeling like I need to eat but nothing satisfied that nagging feeling. Then noticed that I became extremely fatigued sleeping 12 hours and still wanting to sleep more. Not able to function in my normal daily routine of taking care of family and working was almost unaccomplishable and some days it was. So after a week and a half of these symptoms I decided to go to the doctor for some relief. They do not have a clue what is wrong with me. I said it was my thyroid. They drew labs everything was normal except my TSH had jumped from 2.5 to 3.98.

When I was deciding to take the Reliv that was one of my concerns was that it was a soy product but my friend and her upline were all like oh it is processed different and does not give any one problems that have thyroid problems. One of the uplines is supposedly a nurse. Any way I am sorry but I am off the product and will never take it again or anything like it with soy or that high in vitamins. Moderation people moderation in the vitamins.

Needless to say my friend and her uplines are still calling and saying oh you need to continue with the product because these symptoms are just your body cleansing itself. I am sorry but headache and nausea for almost two weeks is not the body cleansing it self. It is the body telling you something is wrong. Any one with thyroid problems needs to do their research before taking this product. If I have one more upline call me and tell me they had thyroid problems or someone they knew had thyroid problems and is doing great on the product I will probably throw-up and scream at them. I HATE Reliv.

I am so mad at myself for having sucker written on my forehead and not listening to my gut when I found out the product was heavy in soy and saying No Thank You I will pass.

Thanks for the blog page and info about Reliv.

The_Reliv_Watchdog said...

Hi Natalie,

After reading your post, the only thing I can say is that I am thankful you are no longer taking Reliv and that you took the time to share with us your experience.

Don't feel bad about being suckered by them. This is the whole idea of MLM and this is WHY Reliv uses this form of spreading their products. They know that NO ONE would buy them if they were in a store. But they get these pumped up, high pressure people making money and so they are willing to lie and cram these products down peoples throats so they can "make more money".

Thank you again and if you don't mind, I am going to post your post on the main page in a couple of days so more people can read it.

Anonymous said...

Some people will be allergic to soy as some are allergic to aspirin. As for the product tasting "awful", next time you take your medication, aspirin, mutlivitamin, etc., chew it up and tell me how it tastes. The New Zealand study on soy, I wonder if Japan has done the same study on soy. Japan is the largest consumer of soy, most of their food contains soy. Check Japan's life expectancy of their people, I think it's better than the U.S. and New Zealand. So while Reliv will not work for everyone, as some medications do not work for everyone, it has helped many, many, many more than it has not. I'm sorry you've had such a bad experience with Reliv.

The_Reliv_Watchdog said...

Hello Poster - Thank you for taking the time to read my blog but I am sorry to see that you are so blind to anything but what you feel is right. I do encourage you to read and do your own research. I would also suggest that you talk with your doctor about the dangers of Estrogen and Soy. If this doctor knows anything about Cancer and the types that are feed by Estrogen he will tell you that Soy is Dangerous. But hey, you can choose how you want to die.

Yes many people are allergic to many items but there is so much more to soy than just allergies. If you took the time to read my Blog or articles from this New Zealand website you would see that Soy is so much more dangerous for men, women, and children.

As far as the taste, well, some of the liquid vitamins that I have suggested as replacements to Reliv actually taste good. Personally I just use my children's Flintstones vitamins and they taste wonderful.

I would really like to see which nation has the highest soy consumption. I suspect that Japan and China are not the top countries. Granted we are use to going to a Chinese restaurant and getting Bean Curd / Tofu but do they naturally eat a lot of it themselves? Also according to Dr Mercola there are some forms of Soy that are healthy and actually very good for the body. But the highly processed soy that is in Reliv, Soy Milks, Soy Meats, and Infant Formulas are bad.

I don't believe that Reliv has helped many many many more people. You have been fed a line of lies with your "Phone Number List" to listen to "Pre Recorded Lies". I bet that there are a 10 people who don't get helped to every 1 that does. And I would also bet that these numbers are way higher.

The fail rate of Reliv distributors is greater than 99%. This in itself says that Reliv isn't helping people. Most have been duped into debt to make money for their upline. MLMs sucker millions every year with the hope of making a quick dollar. But sadly most fail.

Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you will look closer at that you are taking. Reliv isn't the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The_Reliv_Watchdog said...
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